I just saw one of these parked at a store a couple weeks ago. The console and floor shifter surprised the shit out of me. 5K would definitely be Nice Price. 7500... well, maybe because the miles are low... still on the fence here. » 4/09/15 8:09am 4/09/15 8:09am

Interesting. I just discovered this band last week when I found out they did a cover of "What A Fool Believes" by the Doobie Brothers. It was weird, but I've replayed it a few times since then, so I guess it must not be too bad. » 3/31/15 8:43am 3/31/15 8:43am

That being said, the current Camaro just rubs me wrong. It looks like the designers spent all day making sure the car looked good in pictures from 1 angle. Any other angle, they just said "Screw it. We have deadlines to make".
» 3/30/15 9:10pm 3/30/15 9:10pm

There's a guy who does the local cruise nights with a metallic burgundy 2-door fastback Buick about this age. It's got to be the most beautiful car I've ever seen from this era. It looks completely original from the outside, but at some point he pulled the old straight 8 and put a Buick 455/TH400 in it. I'm thinking… » 3/15/15 7:36pm 3/15/15 7:36pm

I had a '70 Monte Carlo like the one in the first pic. Small block 400 with a ventilated block when I got it, replaced by a crate 350. Bucket seats, floor shift, A/C, rare fiber optic light monitor system... I usually refer to it as "the one that got away." » 3/15/15 3:00pm 3/15/15 3:00pm

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